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Ok, I’m gonna say it…brace yourselves…


A Bride once said to me that she couldn’t imagine a person better-suited to film weddings than me. I feel so lucky that I get to have so much fun with my job, and be around a bunch of lovely people having an amazing time. I love getting to know my couples. I love hearing how they met and listening to their funny stories about each other. And I truly believe the better I know you, the better your film will be. That’s why my aim is for us to feel like old pals by the time I leave you busting a move on the dance floor.


What are you sayin'?

Amie & Matt Berry
Bride & Groom

YOU WERE BLOODY AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much for capturing the best moments of our lives. Russell was just a joy. Super funny and made everyone feel so comfortable!! I couldn’t imagine a person better suited to film our day. Book Bride & Zoom Now!

Alice & Chris Davey
Bride & Groom

Best Videographer in the whole of the South! Booking Bride & Zoom was one of the best decisions we made. Russell is so lovely and down to Earth. He made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. I cannot begin to thank him for the memories he’s captured for us. We were blown away.

Laura & Simon Hawkins
Bride & Groom

Where do I even start? You are COMPLETELY on our wave-length and added even more joy to a day where I didn’t think that was possible. I felt like we had been friends for years within ten minutes! You even picked up my dog’s poo for me! What a gent! The friendliest guy and a bloomin’ BIG talent.

Claire & James Askew

EXTREME HAPPY TEARS!! We’ve watched our film dozens of times and each time it takes us on that amazing emotional rollercoaster that was our wedding day. Definitely in the top three things I would save in a fire (after my husband and kids of course ha!) I love it! It’s bloody beautiful.


Tamsin & James Over
Bride & Groom

AMAZING!! Everything we could have wished for and more! Had such a laugh filming, they make you feel so comfortable and the film is absolutely fantastic.





Julia & Ben Smith
Bride & Groom

The film of our wedding is just wonderful, you have captured all the emotion, laughter and love just so so perfectly. As Bride and Groom you miss so much on the day and the video really showed us what an awesome time all our guests had! It will be watched for many years to come and will bring back so many beautiful memories. We can’t thank you enough!